Maker of Fine Hunting and Long Range Sporting Rifles
My name is Dennis Sayti and my goal is to build you the best hunting rifles at the best value.  These game rifles are handcrafted from the best parts available, sourced from and assembled in the United States.  Each long range rifle is built in calibers that perform on game at ultra-long ranges, shooting both factory and custom loads.  You can trust your life to my rifles when hunting the most dangerous of big game.
Each rifle I build is entirely custom, crafted from the highest quality materials with strict attention to every detail.  Precision fit, finish, accuracy, and dependability are painstakingly incorporated into a firearm made specifically for you.  Every rifle is of the highest quality and guaranteed for life.  If a stock cracks or a barrel will not hold zero as a result of my workmanship, you can send it back and I will replace or repair it at no cost to you.  
I also build rifles for the female hunter or shooter who wants a firearm that fits her, remaining comfortable to carry for the entire hunt.  Machining for recoil reduction using integrated muzzle breaks, I can choose a caliber that will do everything you ever expected of a custom rifle.
Please visit the Photo Gallery for examples of my work.  My contact information is listed on the Contact page.  Please call or write me for a personal consultation.    I look forward to working with you.
Dennis G. Sayti
Custom Rifle Builder
Sayti Custom Rifles